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Matjaž Smodiš uses SUD equipment
The best boxing equipment for one of our best basketball players.

Former captain of the Slovenian national basketball team and one of the best power forwards in Europe and in the world in general, Matjaž Smodiš, decided to buy SUD-Boxings PRO-fighter punching bag, focus pads and bag mitts, for himself and his sons.
Of course, Matjaž remains loyal to basketball, but Russian experts at his then club CSKA, due to back problems, prescribed him boxing training, which was supposed to help strengthen his back muscles and thus help against pain in this part of the body.
We all keep our fingers crossed so that everything will be fine with Smodiš’s spine.

Vitaliy Klitschko signed our glove
The Ukrainian giant kindly chatted with us and gave us his signature.

In the autumn of 2006, giants from Ukraine, certainly the best brothers among boxers of all time, and for a very long time unsolvable riddles for boxers in the most difficult category, visited Slovenia for a short time. While filming the ad, for one of their sponsors, at Planinsko polje near Postojna (Slovenia), we disturbed the older of the brothers. Vitaliy was very friendly, happy to sign a pair of our boxing gloves and also chatted with us briefly. The aces were also maximally professional and serious on set. No wonder they had such successful and long careers.

Rayen Simson signed our glove
The Dutch champion immortalized his signature on our glove

Rayen Simson is one of the greatest Dutch and European fighters in Thai boxing and K1. In 2009, at the invitation of Muay thai qym Scorpion from Novo mesto, he had a weekend seminar in the capital of Dolenjska. After the seminar, Rayen took some time to chat, take photos and of course to sign our boxing gloves. The seminar was well attended and Rayen proved to be an extremely pleasant and relaxed guy. According to the response, all participants were very pleased with what they saw and learned.