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Guality, Usability and Great Look for a Reasonable Price!

The SUD Boxing brand has been present on the market for more than 20 years. During this time, our store has expanded from a few initial products to more than 234 top-notch accessories for the highest quality training and competitions. With the help of our knowledge and the knowledge of our customers, we have expanded, improved and made the sales program recognizable.

ščitniki za nart

At SUD Boxing, we feel obliged to offer the market the highest quality products that are useful, good looking and available to you at a reasonable price. We are extremely pleased with your trust, your praise and the recommendations you give to your friends. We are also looking forward to your comments and suggestions, as we will be even better together.
We believe that when you browse the SUD Boxing website, you will also find a product for yourself.

In order to guarantee you quality and satisfaction, when you buy most of our punching bags, we give you a 2-year warranty period on quality, which is quite unique in EU. Also, in case of dissatisfaction with our product, we offer the option of return within 15 days.

SUD- slovenska boksarska oprema

Company info:
Wevit commerce d.o.o.
Laze 32a, 1353 Borovnica
VAT: SI35017171
Registration number: 5747023000
Transaction number at SKB:Si56 0311 2100 0618 726

SEO: Peter Weixler
GSM: +386 40 321 288

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More than 20 year of tradition

More than 150 high quality products for Boxing and Martial Arts

We respect the wishes of customers and we are very flexible

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The highest quality products for the EU market!

2 years quality guarantee for all boxing bags made in Slovenia!

More than 83% of customers visit us again

SUD Boxing is the first Slovenian brand of boxing and martial arts equipment!