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The boxing head guard with cheek protection is made of high-quality natural leather on the outside and inside. On the inside, the head guard is dressed in suede, which allows the head guard to be more fixed during sweating than it would otherwise be.

A beautifully designed boxing head guard that protects the head and cheekbones is a great accessory for training all martial arts. The head guard will protect you from injuries and stronger blows to the head. It will also protect your sparring partner or will relieve pressure on the knuckles and wrists in the event of stronger blows to the forehead area.
Head guard with cheek protection, in addition to protecting the front of the head and face, also perfectly protects the ears. The leather in which it is worn inside hides an excellent absorbent foam that perfectly absorbs shocks. This head guard is quite light and very transparent, so it does not limit your field of vision. The feeling of a “big head” that you can get when wearing some head guards that are thicker also disappears with this one. So that training with it will be more enjoyable from this point of view as well.
Head guard can be easily adjusted to different head sizes. There is velcro on the back of it that allows for quick and easy adjustment. The width of the head guard can also be adjusted with lances on the top of it. The last velcro strap, which allows the best attachment of the guard to the head, is under the chin. This fits nicely under the chin and does not cause an uncomfortable feeling in the chin or neck, which is what happens with some head guards.
Head guard and its characteristics:
Material: very high-quality natural smooth leather on the outside, and also high-quality suede leather on the inside of the helmet.
Size: L (adjustable)
Suitable for: men and women
Color: blue or red
Purpose: boxing, kickboxing, savate, Thai boxing, MMA
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