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The SUD yoga mat is made of quality and naturally degradable materials. The raw materials from which all SUD sports mats are made are of exceptional quality and impeccable.

The yoga mat measures 170 x 60 centimeters and is 3 millimeters thick, and the mat is two colors.

On both sides, there is also a different pattern on the surface or. texture. So, in addition to the color that suits you better, you can also choose a texture that is more suitable for different surfaces.

All SUD yoga mats are designed to be non-slip. So you don’t slip even when performing the most demanding positions. It often happens that yoga mats do not slip at first, and from prolonged exercise, when the body starts to sweat, some mats start to slip. This will not happen to you with our seats. They also hold up great when you have wet palms or soles.

How to take care of yoga mats?

Do not expose the yoga mat to temperatures higher than 70 ° C and prolonged direct sunlight. Because of their composition, they can be damaged or. deform. You can easily use the mat in nature, but yoga mats are primarily intended for indoor use.

The yoga mat is made of quality, nature-friendly materials. So it is also friendly to your skin. It is easy to clean and maintain. You can do this with a damp cloth or just under running water. You can also use gentle cleaners, which you then rinse well. It is also highly recommended that you disinfect the pillow from time to time with medical alcohol or a dedicated product.

Complete with a yoga mat, you will also get a practical mesh bag. You will be able to easily put a mat in it, hang it over your shoulder, and go to training.

Material: Quality degradable materials in nature

Dimensions: 1700 x 600 x 3 mm

Intended use: For indoor use, you can also use them outside, but the temperature should not exceed 70 ° C

Color: Yellow on one side and turquoise on the other

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