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The balance pillow is a very simple but indispensable tool for balance and stabilization training. It is also highly recommended after injuries or. in the rehabilitation of injuries to the legs, pelvic girdle, spine, and arms.

The balance pillow is made of quality and very durable PVC. The difficulty of the exercises when using the pillow is easily controlled by the pressure in the pillow. If the exercises you want to perform are too demanding, the pillow will inflate more, which will also increase your balance. However, if the exercises are too easy for you, simply release some air from the pillow. The pillow mainly strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, back (core), buttocks, and leg muscles, and with the right variation of exercises, it is also excellent for strengthening and stabilizing the arms and shoulder girdle.

The balance pillow is also very often used in top sports, where the athlete's body must always be prepared for unpredictable situations. By training on a balance pillow, we prepare the body for these unpredictable situations and catch the balance. In any sport, if the athlete's body is out of balance, the athlete is in a lost position.

The balance pillow also has a massage function, as it is equipped with long, on the one hand, and shorter “spikes” on the other, which have a massage function. If you stand on it barefoot or sit on it, it will pleasantly stimulate your muscles and blood flow.

Sitting on a balance pillow helps strengthen the core muscles while stimulating you to sit in the correct position. Which in the long run helps you strengthen your muscles and consequently can also cause less back pain.

Balance pillow features:

Color: purple

Pillow circumference: 34 centimeters

The pillow pressure is easily regulated by the amount of air in the cushion.

A pump with a filling needle is included

Material: PVC

Purpose: to improve balance, strengthen stabilizers, for rehabilitation after injuries…

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