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The speedball on the SUD console board is a great tool for training all martial arts that use punches. So in boxing, kickboxing, karate, Thai boxing, taekwondo, MMA ...

The speedball is distinguished by the top quality of artificial or natural leather and a durable inflatable core. The speedball is just the right size, so it is very fast, but still suitable for recreational users as well.

The console plate is made in Slovenia. The wooden board is made of plywood and is strong and solid enough not to vibrate when training with a pear. Which allows the pear to be fast and responsive.

The speedball swivel is a special swivel adapted for a speedball. It is movable in all directions and at the same time, it rotates so that it does not restrict the movement of the speedball.

In speedball exercises, you will strengthen the muscles in your shoulder girdle. The exercises are relaxing and fun, so they are great for breaking the monotony of workouts.

The speedball on the platform is suitable for training all martial arts using hand punches.

Technical details:

Speedball material: Very durable artificial or natural leather and inflatable core

Platform material: Steel beams and plywood

Screw material: steel

Speedball height: 28 centimeters

Speedball circumference: 50 centimeters

Color: Black-yellow combination and the platform is in black-red color combination

Purpose: To improve hand coordination, speed, accuracy, responsiveness, as well as to strengthen the shoulder girdle

The set includes a top-quality boxing pear, a console plate made in Slovenia and a boxing pear screw. The kit is also equipped with screws that can be used in the most common ways of attaching the platform (concrete walls).

How full must a Speedball be?

The speedball should not be overfilled, as due to the loads that the ball "endures" during use, it can burst, or. loosen the seams. It is difficult to say what the optimal pressure in a speedball is, but it should not exceed 1 bar.

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