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Boxing is one of the most popular recreational sports in EU. From year to year, it is trained by more and more people who would not have even thought about it a few years ago. We can also see that on gowing demand for our products. And of all the products, punching bags are the most popular.
A punching bag is the most useful device with which you can easily perform various trainings, from cardio training to strength, explosiveness, technique, motor skills ... At the same time, a punching bag is an excellent valve for releasing excess energy, stress and lakes. and fear.
Characteristics of a punching bag
dimensions: 100 x 45 centimeters
filling: boxing bags are filled with foam lining and scraps of fabric
weight: the final weight is about 40 kilograms
purpose of use: boxing, recreation
material: extremely high quality and durable plasticized canvas
The punching bag is somewhat wider than classic punching bags (from approx. 34 to 38 cm) and therefore the bag also has a larger volume, which in turn raises its weight. The punching bag is 100 centimeters long, which allows you to perform all the manual techniques on the bag. It is also possible to perform training with sticks and similar props on the bag.
With a punching bag over pounds and after a better immune system
A punching bag workout is incredibly effective at consuming calories. Numerous studies show that increasing muscle groups in the body are involved in boxing training. However, with an intense workout with a punching bag, you can burn more calories than in any other sports activity.
Boxing bag training is also an ideal exercise for strengthening the immune system, as hitting the punching bag eliminates stress (a big factor in various diseases). Increased physical activity stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases the need for oxygen, which has been proven to have a basic effect on our blood and consequently on the whole body.
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