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At SUD Boxing, we are offering you training boxing rings for some time, but at the beginning of 2019, we expanded this offer to classic raised competition rings. The offer includes floor training boxing rings, in two dimensions.

Floor rings can be free-standing, or a combination of standing poles screwed to the floor and wall. These types of rings are ideal for fights or. gyms, as they are much more affordable than classic raised rings. All these rings are very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The set includes everything from protective floor cushions, to tarpaulins, corner cushions, tensioners, 3 or 4 professional ring ropes, protective covers for tensioners, the possibility of printing your logo on account cushions…

The ring will be fully equipped and ready to use. We also added 3 types of raised competitive boxing rings to the offer. These boxing rings are mainly intended for competitions in boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing, and other martial arts where rings are used. Just like floor boxing rings, competitive boxing rings are fully equipped and ready to use.

If desired or. by arrangement we can also put a boxing ring on you.

You can choose:

5 x 5-meter training ring (external dimensions)

6 x 6-meter training ring (external dimensions)

4 x 4-meter competition raised ring (internal dimensions)

5 x 5-meter competition raised ring (internal dimensions)

6.2 x 6.2 meters Olympic ring (internal dimensions)

All boxing rings and also accessories for boxing rings are available exclusively by pre-order. If you have any special wishes or. request in terms of size, layout, the usability of the ring, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for you as well.

You may also be interested in our offer of sports cushions and professional ropes for boxing rings.

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