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Elastic latex bands are made of quality latex. Latex bands are suitable for functional training in various sports. You can use them in all types of martial arts and other individual sports. They also enrich the training of team sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey ...

Exercises with elastic bands can be performed individually, in pairs, or even in groups. They are most commonly used in exercises where the straps help us in lifting (pole exercises and similar exercises), but they can also be used for the opposite. So the tapes make it difficult for us to exercise, or. increase the difficulty of a particular exercise. For example, in sprints, push-ups, squats, coordination exercises, jumps, and more and more.

Elastic latex straps load the muscles and body in a completely natural way and promote muscle and body functionality. After all, the muscles and consequently the whole body is loaded in all directions and thus help the muscle fibers to work in all directions. It is also with the skeleton, the connective tissue...

Elastic latex straps can be a really great tool to upgrade and spice up your workouts, no matter what sport you choose. They also complement each other very well with other exercise aids, such as kettlebells, weights, coordination ladder, abdominal wheel, suspension straps…

Elastic latex tapes and their characteristics

Material: Latex

Length: 104 centimeters

Purpose: for functional training, development of static and dynamic power, explosiveness, and endurance

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