Gymnastic rings with adjustable straps

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Gymnastic rings with adjustable straps are made of durable and quality glued wood.

They are used in gymnastics competitions, in schools, but can also be used at home. Training with Gymnastic rings is one of the best workouts to strengthen the strength of the shoulder girdle, arms, and torso. The rounds are designed for functional training to develop static and dynamic strength and endurance. Gymnastic rings are a great addition to the classic boxing training, cradle, focuser…

Exercises that can be performed on rings: support, front and rear scales, frontal weight, frontal support, push-ups in the support, joints, retraction, extension…

Gymnastic rings are sold in pairs, with straps.

Material: Wood

The internal diameter of the circle: 175 mm

The outer diameter of the circle: 240 mm

Handles: 30 mm

Purpose: Functional training for the development of static and dynamic strength and endurance in the upper and middle part of the body

When buying wooden Gymnastic rings, we advise you to also look at the cradle with wooden handles of the import tatami mats.

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