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Double-end ball with elastics that you are just looking at is a top product intended for everyone, both recreational and especially serious fighters in boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, savate, and other striking martial arts.

Double-end ball is distinguished by the top quality of natural leather and a durable inflatable core. The SUD Double-end ball is just right big and heavy, so it is very fast, but still suitable for recreational athletes as well.

In Double-end ball exercises, you will train and improve the accuracy of punches (hand and leg), their timing, and the explosiveness of your arms and legs. The ball is also great for training upper body dodges. With it, you will also be able to practice moving your legs, dodging to the side with counter kicks, and more and more. With this simple training device, you will also strengthen your shoulder girdle.

Double-end ball exercises are very interesting and with them, you will break the monotony of training. After all, the exercises are very diverse and quite different from bag training or sparring… A Double-end ball is suitable for training all martial arts, which uses hand punches and also kicks.

Boxing fastball and its characteristics:

Material: Very durable natural leather and inflatable core

Height: 34 centimeters

Range: 50 centimeters

Color: Black-yellow combination

Suitable ignition pressure: The ball should have less than 1 bar of pressure

Purpose: To improve the coordination of arms and legs, speed, accuracy, responsiveness, as well as to strengthen the shoulder girdle

The set also includes two very durable elastics, with which you will attach the ball to the desired place. When buying a Double-end Ball, we advise you to take a look at our offer of boxing bags made in Slovenia and top-quality boxing gloves.

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