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The speed rope is an indispensable training aid for all athletes who practice martial arts. Increasingly, the speed rope are spreading to other sports as well (we have summarized more on this topic in an interesting article).

The speed ropes with two bearings has two completely separate bearings, which allow the rope to rotate in all directions so that with such a cradle you can easily perform the most demanding exercises with the rope without the cord getting tangled. All two-bearing speed ropes have high-quality metal handles with good grip. These are 15-16 cm long. The maximum length of the rope is 300 cm, and the length can be adjusted to your liking in a completely simple way.

The speed rope is suitable for anyone who wants to improve body coordination. Especially the connections between the upper and lower body. Ropes are a great and easy accessory. Through exercises and jumps, it helps you with the speed of your legs, the softness of your movements, and the responsiveness of your whole body. Therefore, speed rope is also recommended in sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, handball, hockey ...

The speed rope and its characteristics:

two separate mechanisms that allow the cord to rotate in all directions

top quality metal handles approx. 16cm long

extremely fast plasticized steel cord

easy adjustment of cord length

the maximum length of the string is 300cm (more than enough for a 200 cm tall man)

When buying a speed rope, we recommend that you take a look at our offer of excellent medics with handles, and boxing bags made in Slovenia.

At the LINK, you can take a look at some basic speed rope that will help you break the monotony of jumping over a rope. At the same time, these exercises will also help you progress in foot coordination and speed.

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