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The speedball you are currently watching is a top product intended for everyone, both recreational and especially serious fighters in boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, savate ...

The speedball is distinguished by the top quality of natural cow leather and a durable inflatable core. This punching bag is very fast and responsive due to the quality of workmanship and the soft leather that surrounds the inflatable core. The speedball is also just the right size, so it is suitable for both recreational and seasoned fighters.

During speedball exercises, you will strengthen the muscles in your shoulder girdle. With proper training with a pear, you will greatly improve your responsiveness or. reflexes, accuracy, and accuracy of strokes. Speed ball exercises are relaxing and fun, so they’re great for breaking the monotony of workouts.

The speed ball is intended and recommended for training in all martial arts using hand punches.

Characteristics of a punching bag:

Material: Premium cowhide and inflatable core

Height: 26 centimeters

Circumference: 52 centimeters

Color: Black-yellow combination

Purpose: To improve hand coordination, speed, accuracy, responsiveness, as well as to strengthen the shoulder girdle

How full must a speedball be?

The speedball should not be overfilled, as due to the loads that the speedball "endures" during use, it can burst, or. loosen the seams. It is difficult to say what is the optimal pressure in a speed ball, but this should not exceed 1 bar.

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