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The kimono for judo or ju-jitsu is made of 650 gram 100% cotton. The cut of the kimono is modern and fits the body nicely. The fabric is tied in a very durable and strong cotton canvas.

A kimono for judo or jiu-jitsu is suitable for all recreational judo athletes who are not competitively involved in this beautiful sport. Despite the fact that the kimono is extremely high quality and strong, it is still too light for competitive judo. However, the kimono is extremely good for ju-jitsu, as well as for aikido competitors, and of course for recreational athletes. A kimono for judo or ju-jitsu works very well in both sports, both competitive and recreational.

The kimono for judo or jiu-jitsu is, as said, made of extremely durable woven cotton and is also reinforced in the places most exposed. So the districts are relatively very strong, and the kimono is reinforced on the back, shoulder, sleeves, and underarms.

The set contains:

The upper part of the judo and ju-jitsu kimono is made of approx. 650g cotton Judo pants are also made of extremely compact cotton canvas

How to choose the right size kimono for judo and ju-jitsu?

If you are a slender nap. 180 centimeters and you are slim, then the right size kimono is 180 centimeters for you. If you weigh, say, 95 or even 105 kilograms at this height, then we advise you to take a 190-centimeter kimono. For example, if you’re 175 inches tall and you’re slender, then you’re right somewhere in the middle. You can take a 170 cm kimono and it may be slightly (nothing shocking) small, but you can also take a 180 cm kimono, which will probably be a bit big. However, you can also wash it at a higher temperature, which will cause the cotton to shrink even more… These are some of our tips, but you decide for yourself. We have written a slightly longer article on this topic for you, which you can read at the link.

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