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Jumping rope is made of beautifully shaped wooden handles and a steel cord clad in plastic.

The jumping rope is a mandatory part of the equipment of an athlete engaged in martial arts. You can warm up perfectly with the help of the jumping rope, and it is even better because the cradle helps you coordinate. It is great for anyone who wants to improve the speed and responsiveness of the legs, the connection between the upper and lower body. With regular training and proper exercises, it helps to improve the motor skills of the trainee, which of course comes in handy in all types of sports. Both in ball games (basketball, football, handball, volleyball), as well as in individual sports (boxing, tennis, badminton, dancing ()

Jumping rope is made of very simple materials. It is practically impossible to destroy and will be able to serve you for a long time. It is suitable for use on smooth surfaces, such as parquet, various plastic floor coverings, cushions, etc.

A jumping rope with a steel cord is slightly heavier than classic cradles. As a result, your arms and shoulders will be under a greater load, and as a result, the progress in strength will be visible in the loaded places. With a cradle that has a steel core, it’s also easy to perform a variety of exercises (see some in the clip below) to improve motor skills.

It can also be perfectly combined with some other exercise aids, such as a coordination ladder and a sweatsuit.

Material: plastic handles and nylon cord

Cord length: 240cm with easy shortening

Suitable for: men, women and children

Color: different colors

Purpose: to warm up before exercise, improve motor skills, speed, responsiveness…

In the video below, you can watch some simple exercises with a cradle that will help you warm-up, as well as motor skills, leg speed. Why you should use the cradle more often in all kinds of sports, read in the article.

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