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A coordination ladder is a great tool for training the coordination of the legs and the combination of legs and arms. The coordination ladder is made of 8 plastic bars and two belts that are 4 meters long. The slats can be moved along the belts as desired

The Agility Speed Ladder is a tool that coaches have neglected and pushed aside for years. However, it is an incredibly useful training aid in virtually all sports. Whether we’re talking about individual sports, everything from boxing and other martial arts, dance, athletics, and more and more. And all the way to team sports, where competitors are usually the most coordinated.

With the right exercises, you can improve leg coordination (from completely simple exercises to very motor demanding), leg coordination in connection with the hands (passes, kicks, bouncing the ball, catching objects…), you can include elastic bands in the exercises and more and more.

Material: Plastic

Length: 4 meters

Ladder width: 47 centimeters

Color: Green slats and black stripes

Purpose: For leg coordination training and connection between legs and arms.

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