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The 4-kilogram medicine ball is made of quality and durable rubber, which has good adhesion. The size or the diameter of a medicine ball is the same as the diameter of a classic basketball.

Medicine balls are suitable for home training, training (they can be perfectly combined when training with suspension straps or elastics) in schools, fitness centers, and most of them are used by various clubs. Many of them are used in the training of team sports such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey ... mainly for exercises for explosiveness, endurance, and coordination.

Medicine balls are also extremely popular in martial arts training. Especially in boxing, where they are used in 100 and one ways. For training the shoulder girdle, arms, abdominal muscles, back, legs, speed, coordination, explosiveness, and more and more.

Medicine ball 4 kg is filled with rubber, so it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Characteristics of medicine ball:

Material: durable rubber

Diameter: 21 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Purpose: functional training for the development of static and dynamic strength and endurance.

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