Medicine Ball With Handles

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The medicine ball with handles is a very new form of medicine ball. Just like our classic non-reflective medicine balls, this type of ball is not reflective.

Medicine ball is a training prop used in practically all sports. In ball games and all other team sports, as well as in boxing, other martial arts, and also other individual sports. The medicine ball with handles is made of extremely high-quality artificial material.

The diameter of the medicine ball is 26 centimeters, which is the diameter of classic balls. A non-reflective medicine ball with handles is a training prop that combines great with other training aids for functional training. You will also find them on our site - plyo box, coordination ladder, tatami cushions…

We currently only have a few balls of this type in stock, so don’t delay the ones you need with your purchase.

When buying a non-reflective medicine ball, we suggest that you also take a look at the offer of our sandbag weight bags, latex straps, and quick cradles.

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