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Slamball is completely non-repellent, even if we throw it into the ground with all our might, it will practically stick to the ground. So slam balls are a great exercise aid for a range of specific exercises that you can’t perform with classic medicine balls, weights, kettlebells. Non-reflective medics are a great exercise aid for independent training, training in pairs or even in a larger group.

The non-reflective medic is easy to use due to the special pattern on the surface of the ball. Even with more intense workouts, when your hands are sweaty, the ball will not slip out of your hands.

They are also often used in rehabilitation exercises, and of course exercises for strength, explosiveness and endurance.

Characteristics of irresistible medicine - Slam ball

Material: very durable ueten material

Diameter: 22 centimeters

Intended use: throwing on the ground, against the wall, for various rotations ...

Color: black

Weights: 4, 6, 8 and 10 kilogram balls

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