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The adult karate kimono is made of a 6.5 oz snow white blend of cotton and polyester. The kimono is sewn according to the traditional Japanese cut.

This version of which kimono is a bit lighter than the karate kimonos we otherwise offer. As a result, kimonos are also slightly cheaper and not as durable as our classic karate kimonos.

The kimono is intended for training and competitions in karate. We recommend them for all beginners who do not yet know whether karate is the right sport for you or not and would like to try it at a minimal cost.

The set contains:

the upper part of the karate kimono, made of a combination of cotton and polyester

Karate pants, also made from a combination of cotton and polyester

A white belt inappropriate length

How to choose the right size karate kimono for your karate fighter?

If your child is slim and nap. 120 centimeters high, then a 120-centimeter kimono is right for him. However, if your child is more perfect, or maybe an inch taller, it is worth considering buying a 130-centimeter kimono.

If your child is slim and nap. 125 centimeters high, the decision is up to you, as it is right between the two ready-to-wear numbers. Sure, a 120-centimeter kimono will suit him better at this point, but he’ll probably outgrow it in a few months. However, if you buy him a 130 centimeter, it will probably be a little too big for him for a month or two (you roll up your sleeves and trousers a bit), and he will be fine later. So he will be able to wear the kimono for 2 seasons as well.

We have written a slightly longer article on this topic for you, which you can read at the link.

When buying a karate kimono, we suggest you take a look at our offer of excellent karate gloves and leg protectors.

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