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The Clencher children's tooth guard is made of a special rubber mass, which you shape on your teeth before using the guard. The shield is recommended when training all contact sports where damage (intentional or unintentional) to the teeth can occur.

Clencher children's tooth guard is used as preventive protection against damage to the teeth and oral cavity in all types of contact sports. The Clencher tooth guard helps protect your teeth, gums, and tongue from possible damage during sports activity. The most common damage to the teeth occurs when a blow to the jaw in the mouth of the tooth hits the tooth and can result in chipping or cracking.

The second most common factor in tooth and gum damage, however, is intentional or unintentional punches by opponents or teammates during a game or fight. The tooth guard will protect the teeth and the oral cavity in both cases, as the tooth can no longer hit the teeth. Also, the external impact will not hit the tooth directly and damage it, but it will hit the shield, the impact will be mitigated.

The shield is designed by each individual individually. By placing the enclosed plastic stick on the shield. Then dip it in boiling water for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, take it out, dip it in cold water for a second, and then place it on your teeth. Squeeze it as close to your teeth as possible, suck out the air, push it as close to your teeth and gums as possible with your tongue. You also bite lightly into the tooth guard with your teeth, leaving a tooth impression in the guard. So that the shield fits your teeth as nicely as possible. Then cool the shield, remove the wand and test it again. It can fit your teeth nicely.

If your shield is too long, you can trim it as nicely as possible with a sharp knife or scissors. Make sure there are a few sharp edges as possible that could press on you later.

Who is a baby tooth guard suitable for?

Clencher children's tooth guard is suitable for all types of sports, so the team (basketball, hockey, American football, rugby…), as well as for individual contact sports such as boxing and other martial arts.

It is intended for all young athletes from around 8 years of age until the jaw develops and all permanent teeth grow.

However, the protectors for the upper and lower teeth are somewhat specific. After all, when using such a shield, an individual has to do most of the breathing through the nose… Therefore, these types of shields are not suitable for people who have problems breathing through the nose.

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