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The children's karate body protector is available in our store in predominantly white color. However, on one side the shield is bordered in red and on the other in blue. So it is also suitable for competitions.

It is made of compact, beautifully shaped foam, which is surrounded by quality and durable artificial material. The straps on the back allow you to be immobile and easy to put on and take off. The shield is designed to prevent possible excessive blows during fights. Of course, it also greatly reduces the possibility of injuries in the chest and abdomen. In addition to the torso, the shield also has protected shoulders. In addition to karate, the shield is also easily used in related martial arts, as it will also perform an excellent preventive function.

Who is the karate body protector for?

The children's karate body protector is suitable for both girls and boys, from beginners to advanced. We, therefore, recommend them for everyone who trains regularly and also fights in training.

It can be used in taekwondo, kickboxing, karate, and similar martial arts.

Material: quality plastic and compact foam

Size: S and XS (approx. 9 years and more)

Suitable for: girls and boys, as well as for smaller women and men

Color: predominantly white, with blue and red borders on each side

Purpose: for training and fighting in taekwondo, kickboxing, and karate

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