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SUD inner gloves are made of elastic cotton. They are designed for athletes and recreationists who are reluctant to waste time wrapping their hands in bandages. Inner gloves do not perform the same function as hand bandages. Hand bandages protect your wrists and knuckles from possible injuries, and the inner gloves only absorb sweat and give you a little more grip on the glove itself. They are useful mainly because of sweat, as the gloves are easy to wash in the machine, and boxing gloves do not wash. And once they stink, you won’t get rid of that smell anymore

You can use them in classic boxing gloves, training gloves on a punching bag, or focusers. You can also use them in taekwondo gloves and also in MMA gloves.

Inner gloves and their characteristics:

Material: elastic cotton

Size: M, L

Suitable for: men, women, and teenagers

Color: black

Purpose: to be worn in almost all types of martial arts gloves. They absorb sweat and add some volume to the gloved hand.

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