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Hand wraps are made of cotton and polyester. They are recommended for training in all types of martial arts that use boxing gloves

Due to their length of 2.5 m, boxing bandages are especially suitable for children. They are used to wrap the wrists and palms. Bandages or bandages help protect the wrists, protect the ankles, soak up the sweat and provide a better feeling of the gloved hand. Because they absorb sweat, they help make your gloves stink later (if they scare you at all).

Bandages are similar to socks on the legs (except that they also have the function of stabilizing the wrist). Most of the sweat that the hands will excrete during training and competitions will be retained in the bandages. With regular bandage washing, boxing gloves will be much drier and fresher.

The main function of the bandage is certainly the stabilization of the wrist or. prevention of sprains. If you wrap your wrists and palms properly, your wrists will be much safer even with too strong blows without control.

make the bandages easier to wrap, there is a large inscription "this side up" on them. At the end of each boxing, the bandage is a wide hedgehog for the best bandage fixation.

In the screenshot below, you can see one of the ways to wrap your arms with a 3.5-meter hand wraps.

Boxing bandages and technical details:

Material: A combination of cotton and polyester

Length: 2.5 meters

Suitable for: children

Color: red, blue

Purpose: To protect the wrist in boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, savate ...

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