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The rope cover for the boxing ring is made of high-quality plasticized canvas. The cover can be used for new ropes, or you can use it to beautify and restore existing ropes in your boxing ring.

The rope cover is smooth on its surface and does not absorb any dirt. Therefore, it is extremely easy to clean sweat, blood, or other dirt. The plasticized canvas can be attached to the rope with a hedgehog or by sewing (a matter of your wishes). According to the agreement, we can make a cover for ropes from 25 mm in diameter up to 45 mm in diameter.

The cover for the boxing ring ropes is available in several colors (white, blue, boiling, gray, orange, black, yellow ...). If desired, we can also equip the rope cover in the boxing ring with the printing of your logo.

The price of coatings for boxing ring ropes differs depending on the length of the rope, the desired assembly (hedgehog, sewing, welding), and the possibility of pushing (without, one-color, two-color ...).

All boxing rings, boxing ring ropes, and other boxing ring equipment are available exclusively by pre-order.

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