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MMA II gloves you are currently looking at are SUD's freestyle training MMA gloves. They are made of high-quality cowhide and a special foam that protects you from stronger blows in training.

Gloves for MMA II are distinguished by the quality of workmanship and the quality of the materials from which the gloves are made. At the same time, they fit perfectly into virtually any shape and size of a hand. Training gloves MMA or. you can use freestyle wrestling to train MMA fights. With them, your training will be safer, and at the same time, you will be able to work with a sparring partner in stand-up, or. boxing fights. After all, the gloves are quite padded and "pass" even controlled boxing training or. manual techniques. With MMA II gloves, you can also train on a punching bag or on boxing and Thai boxing focusers.

These MMA II gloves are suitable for everyone (men and women), from beginners, advanced and serious fighters. We recommend them for everyone who wants good high-quality freestyle wrestling gloves. Nevertheless, the price of gloves is very moderate.

They can be used for free or. MMA fights, and you can also train with them with a punching bag, hitting the focusers…

Material: quality cowhide and special foam

Size: S, M, L, XL

Suitable for: men and women

Color: black - white combination

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