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Standing punching bag, Free Standing Boxing Bag
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A freestanding punching bag is an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t have the option of hanging punching bags to the ceiling or wall mounts. An extremely useful bag that allows serious boxing training, as well as the recreational release of excess energy, negative stress, and possible anger.

Characteristics of a freestanding punching bag

Dimensions: 180 x 35 centimeters

Filler: foam filler specially adapted for our freestanding bag

Weight: flexible, between 40 and 65 kilograms

Purpose of use: recreation, boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo

Material: extremely high quality and durable plasticized canvas

Unique freestanding punching bag made in Slovenia

SUD's freestanding boxing bag is suitable for both recreational and those who have a desire for serious boxing training and other related martial arts. The height and width of the bag are adjusted so that the bag represents the size of the average person as well as possible, and at the same time, the bag is suitably heavy. This way you can perform all hand and foot kicks as realistically as possible (the article on kickboxing describes all these techniques).

With a punching bag over kilograms and for a better immune system

A punching bag workout is incredibly effective at consuming calories. Numerous studies show that increasing muscle groups in the body are involved in boxing training. However, with intense training with a punching bag, you can burn more calories than in any other sports activity.

Also, training with a punching bag is also an ideal exercise for strengthening the immune system, as hitting the punching bag eliminates stress (a big factor in various diseases). Increased physical activity stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases the need for oxygen, which has been proven to have a basic effect on our blood and consequently on the whole body.

The freestanding SUD punching bag has a 2-year quality guarantee!

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