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Sandbag is a top training device for functional strength training of the whole body. Exercise with sandbags can be very dynamic. You can adapt it by training your strength, explosive strength, and endurance, as well as practically all the muscles of your body at the same time.

Sandbags are used in training of all types of sports where functional strength is required. Great emphasis in weight training is on the strength of the core or. stabilization. This is where all the other power in the body comes from. They are great for strengthening the shoulder girdle, back, core and abdominal muscles, lower back, buttocks, and legs. Sandbag - weight bags are practically indispensable in boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing, and other martial arts. They also do not do without fit boxing exercises and similar functional training. Weight bags are also very appreciative of home use as they are very practical and can replace many other exercise aids and weights.

What are the sandbags made of?

Sandbags are made of high-quality and durable artificial materials and will serve their purpose for a long time. They are equipped with 6 grip straps, so you can easily and comfortably use them in a wide range of exercises for the whole body. We currently have only a few weight bags in stock, so don't delay the ones you need with your purchase.

If you decide to buy all three different weights of sandbags, you will get a nice discount of almost 15%. In one of our interesting articles, you can also read how to train safely and what are the most common mistakes in sports training.

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