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Flex bar is an extremely interesting and easy exercise tool that can be used by practically anyone. The bar is made of an ergonomically designed rubber holder, which provides good grip even when you have travel hands.

The round bar is made of fiberglass, and rubberized weights are attached to each end of the bar to allow the bar to vibrate. The flex bar is used for a wide range of workouts. It is highly recommended as a rehabilitation aid to strengthen the back, shoulder girdle muscles, lower back, pelvic floor muscles, legs, abdomen and especially the core. Virtually the whole body. With the help of centrifugal force, which works when training with a vibrating stick, the muscles are strengthened in all directions, which greatly increases their strength, flexibility and functionality.

It is also great for specific strength and endurance training. When the rod vibrates, the muscles wear out very quickly and contract strongly. In this way, we can improve the readiness of even such well-prepared individuals. It can also improve the sensorimotor abilities of the body.

Given that the vibrating rod is relatively light and does not take up much space, it is also very practical to carry and you can easily take it with you on vacation, weekend or. wherever you go.

Technical details of the vibrating rod:

Flex bar is 160 cm long

it is made of fiberglass

at both ends, the bar has rubber weights that swing in all directions during exercise, thus allowing the muscles to be in action at all times and to move unpredictably and in all directions.

it is highly recommended in rehabilitation, to strengthen the shoulder girdle, core, back, pelvis…

Vibrating rod or. flex bar is a friendly device even for those who are not physically well prepared and would like to improve it. You can easily adjust the length of the exercises to your abilities and extend them over time. When buying a Flex bar, we recommend that you also take a look at our offer of related products for functional training at home or in a club.

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